Hear my call

(Bubo Bubo)


This magnificent bird is the largest owl in the world. It is an awesome hunter, able to kill foxes and small deer with its powerful beak and fearsome talons. Its feathers are soft to allow it to glide silently and unheard when hunting. They can be found in many parts of mainland Europe, but are more common in the Scandinavian countries. They have not lived in Britain since the 18th century. The type of habitat they prefer is open forest in rocky areas, so that they have trees to rest in during the day and rocky crevices to make their nests in. These birds are at the very top of the food chain and will hunt and kill anything from a small deer to a mouse. They swoop down on their prey, grabbing it with their talons and flying off with it in their beak. Female European Eagle Owls usually nest in a rocky crevice lined with a few feathers. 2 or 3 eggs are laid and kept warm by the female. These take approximately 35 days to hatch.