Adoption an Owl or Bird of Prey

Once an Owl or other bird of prey has been taken into our care, we continue to undertake the cost month after month; year after year for the care and rehabilitation of the birds.


Adoption of an Owl or other bird of prey is straight forward and costs just £20 for the year.

This kind donation goes towards all our birds upkeep and welfare, for this small sum you will receive an Owl Pack which consists of:

1 Member ID card
1 Adoption certificate
1 Framed photograph
1 Keyring of your chosen bird
A yearly Newsletter.

The adoption pack will be sent to you within 2 – 3 weeks.

Where to get your adoption form from:-
You can visit us at the events we are attending (see our events page) and fill in or pick up an adoption form.

Download/Print out the form in word format by clicking here, all the information is contained within the form.