Hear my call

(Otus Leucotis)


The White Faced Scops Owl is a small grey nocturnal owl with a striking white face surrounded by black edging and has large prominent ear-tufts. Their eyes are Orange and they have the largest ear openings of any Scops Owl. The White Faced Scops Owl is fully nocturnal and mostly insectivorous, although the owl may take small birds, rodents and other small mammals. They hunt from an open perch and drop down on their prey. The White Faced Scops Owl prefers scrub and bush territory, and often uses ground nest sites for breeding. The genus Otus can largely be divided into two types of owls, the Screech Owls of the New World, and the Scops of the Old World. Most of the Otus owls are residents throughout Africa and south of the Sahara.