Hear my call

(Strix Nebulosa)


The Great Gray is one of the largest Owls. When perched they appear very bulky because of their dense, fluffy plumage, long wings extending past the body, a relatively long tail, and a large head. The size of the head and the prominent facial disk make the yellow eyes appear small. When hot, a Great Gray Owl will pant and droop its wings to expose an unfeathered area under the wing. They weigh between 28oz and 51oz. Their wingspan can be anything up to 152cm. Great Gray Owls are found from Alaska across Canada, down the Northern Rocky Mountains, and northern Minnesota. They are also found in northern Europe and Asia. The Great Gray inhabits a range of forested habitats. The nesting habitat usually includes islands filled with conifers. Hunting occurs mainly during early morning and late afternoon, especially during winter, but also during daylight hours and at night. Whilst hunting a Great Gray will use a perch or it may hunt through the forest a few feet above the ground.